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Authenta Natural Products

Products to help your family grow and develop
Natural Ingredients

Authenta focuses strictly on beneficial natural ingredients that have been proven to help families stay healthy and happy. Authenta products are free of chemicals, toxins, parabens, polysorbate, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors.

Powerful Formulas

Authenta’s powerful formulas contain high concentrations of active ingredients found from natural sources. Each batch is thoroughly tested for potency and purity.

Honest Disclosure

We keep records of all testing done on our products and will make those available on request for any batch we’ve produced. Select products such as Fish Friends have these testing reports posted online.

About Fish Friends
The High DHA Omega 3 Supplement


One pill of Fish Friends contains 100mg of DHA - some other brands require 4 pills for the same amount.

IFOS 5 stars

The high concentration of DHA Omega 3 supports children’s visual & cerebral development. Fish Friends contains 40% DHA and 10% EPA earning Fish Friends a 5-Star IFOS rating.

Kids Love it

Easy for children to swallow or chew. Kid’s love the naturally sweetened Orange flavor.

Pinwheel Kids
oill taht kids love.jpg
About the Founder
Products to help your family grow and develop!

Authenta founder Farid Ibrahim is a diabetic who has long advocated use of herbal remedies as part of managing his condition, a tradition he learned from his Pharmacist father, who is also a Herbal Practitioner. Farid and his wife Selena recently welcomed their son Jordan into the world. Being older parents with some heath challenges, they recognize the importance of self-care and a balanced lifestyle including good nutrition, exercise, and use of high quality dietary supplements. The Authenta brand was born out of a desire to make quality supplements widely available to families like yours!


63 Thirty Eighth Street, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8W 3M2
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