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L-Methylfolate (or alternately 5-MTHF), is the active form of Folate that your body can use most effectively. It is also the only form that can cross the blood-brain barrier. This active form of vitamin B9 performs a number of important roles in the body related to healthy brain chemistry and cardiovascular function. More common Folic acid, on the other hand, needs to first be converted to L-Methylfolate by the body. However up to 40% of Americans may have a reduced ability to convert Folic acid to L-Methylfolate due to genetic factors. By taking L-Methylfolate directly, no conversion is required.

L-Methylfolate is a water-soluble compound that has a short half-life in the body. Regular 5-MTHF capsules will quickly dissolve in the stomach, and be fully absorbed into the blood stream shortly after ingestion. However, the body’s cells may not require the full amount of L-Methylfolate released rapidly into the bloodstream, and any excess will be excreted through the kidneys. Bioavailability will therefore decrease rapidly unless another capsule is ingested.

AUTHENTA SLOW RELEASE L-Methylfolate capsules contain a food-grade vegetable cellulose additive that is mixed with the active ingredient. When stomach fluids penetrate the slow-release capsule, this cellulose additive becomes gelatin-like, and the 5-MTHF mixed with it is released much more slowly as it takes longer for the capsule to dissolve. This is beneficial as the concentration of the Folate in the blood lasts much longer, and will be available to the cells when they need it. Less of the Folate is wasted due to the kidneys flushing out what your body’s cells can’t use right away.

New Authenta L-Methylfolate Slow Relaease Capsules

take longer to dissolve than regular capsules. The slow release of the L-Methylfolate in Authenta capsules delays peak blood concentration and extends bioavailability of the Folate for when your body needs it.

Regular L-Methylfolate Capsules

release their contents quickly, resulting in a higher peak blood concentration shortly after ingestion. Folate your body does not need right away is flushed through the kidneys and bioavailability decreases rapidly.

L-Methylfolate (5-MTHF) is the Active Form of Folate

that your body can use most effectively. More common Folic acid, on the other hand, needs to be converted to 5-MTHF by the body. However up to 40 percent of Americans have a reduced ability to convert Folic acid to 5-MTHF due to genetic factors.

L-Methylfolate Helps Support

already normal Homocysteine levels, healthy brain chemistry, and Nitric Oxide production. These may be important factors for the maintenance of cardiovascular health and positive moods.

Authenta L-Methylfolate Slow Release Capsules

are tested rigourously by a Licensed third-party lab. Developed by well-known Pharmacist and Herbalist Sam Ibrahim, AUTHENTA products disclose ALL ingredients, are non-GMO, and do not contain any common allergens.

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About Authenta
Natural Ingredients

Authenta products primarily use ingredients from natural sources. Our products are GMO free and do not contain common allergens. There are no toxins, parabens, polysorbate, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors in Authenta products.

Powerful Formulas

Authenta’s powerful formulas are developed by well-known Pharmacist Sam Ibrahim, an expert in natural medicine with over thirty years clinical experience. Each batch is thoroughly tested for potency and purity during each stage of the manufacturing process.

Honest Disclosure

Authenta products disclose ALL ingredients on the label. We keep records of testing done at each stage of production and will make those available on request for any batch we’ve produced. Call 1-800-416-4474 to request testing records by post or e-mail.

About the Founder
Products to help your family grow and develop!

Authenta founder Sam Ibrahim is a diabetic who has long advocated use of herbal remedies as part of managing his condition, a tradition he learned from his pharmacy training in Germany. Sam recognized the importance of self-care and a balanced lifestyle including good nutrition, exercise, and use of high quality dietary supplements. The Authenta brand was born out of a desire to make quality supplements widely available to families like yours!

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